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Scores + Recordings

Below are some of the scores and recordings of my compositions.  If you are interested in hearing more of my recordings, please visit my SoundCloud page.  If you wish to obtain scores for additional pieces, please contact me.

For the Crows


276 KB

November 2013

I titled this piece "For the Crows," because there were crows cawing outside of my window on the day that I first started composing it. At first, it was a very soothing sound (about one caw every several seconds or so), but it later got more chaotic as more crows joined in and it also got much louder, and created a very hectic mood.

Newport was inspired by the sound of crashing ocean waves and a gentle breeze. The idea came when I was standing on the sands of Newport Beach, CA, and my ears was intrigued by the musicality of those sounds. The loud intense sections in the piece refer to the waves while the soft flowing sections refer to the breeze.

Stories I've Never Told

This piece was inspired by the wide range of moods and extended techniques in Lukas Foss' Percussion Quartet and by the amazing timbres and harmonies created with the vibraphone and marimba in Toru Takemitsu's Rain Tree. It contains 3 distinct sections (slow, fast, slow) and a short rhythmic motive that reappears throughout.

Ghost of Pierrot

378 KB

April 2014

This piece was written with the history of the Pierrot character in mind. Pierrot was a stock character of pantomime and Comedia dell'Arte who had his beginnings in the late 17th century as a buffoonish character. However, as years went by, he started to be portrayed as more of a "sad clown" character who was always trying to win the heart of a girl (Columbine) and failing. All the pitch material for my piece is derived from Arnold Schoenberg's "Pierrot Lunaire", and the electronics consist of a time-stretched version of the first and last few bars of Schoenberg's piece.


A short melody is presented in the beginning of the piece. The rest of the piece is dedicated to "deconstructing" the melody. Whenever the pianist presses the MIDI pedal, 8 seconds of audio are immediately recorded and then played back with a reverse ADSR envelope.

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