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E V E N T S​

Performance of "Shroud"

Performed by Christian Dubeau

Music@Mimoda Concert Series

Paper or Plastik Cafe (Los Angeles)


L A T E S T  T R A C K
F U N  F A C T S  A B O U T  M E:
  • I was born on the same day as William Shakespeare & Sergei Prokofiev (just in a different year, that much is obvious).

These are three short movements for piano and percussion. The subject matter behind the piece is pollution in L.A. covering up the San Gabriel Mountains. In all 3 movements, the main theme/motive representing the mountains (a quote from a Debussy piano prelude also representing a mountain) gets increasingly OBSCURED until it is barely recognizable.

August 2020

I'm working on a lot of exciting new music during quarantine that I look forward to sharing with everyone as soon as I can! Stay tuned!

February 2018

Happy New Year, everyone!! I have concerts coming up in L.A. and Pasadena! Stay tuned!!

February 2017

I have a bunch of concerts coming up in March in SoCal and in the midwest (KS and OK). Watch the event announcements on the left! PM me if you want more details about a specific concert!



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